Invitations, Entertainment and Sporting Events

- 19:30

In anticipation of the 2024 Summer Olympics, we are launching this first event of our Compliance 2024 initiative: a seminar on the rules to be respected so as not to cross the line with invitations to sporting events.

These unique times for bringing people together are not spared by sanctions. What are the rules to be respected within the framework of invitations to contacts or clients to sporting events?

We will make our analysis of these situations on solid bases.

Come hear the former compliance officer of a heavily sanctioned company within this framework and specialists on the issue.

Meeting on December 3 5:30-7:30 p.m.



– Free for our members

– €200 for non-members

Dans la perspective des JO d’été 2024, nous lançons ce premier évènement de notre initiative Compliance 2024 : un séminaire sur les règles à respecter pour ne pas franchir la ligne jaune en matière d’invitations à des évènements sportifs.

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