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GDPR Morning: what’s the assessment a year after it entered into force?

- 10:30

Morning organized by Simmons&Simmons

A year after implementation of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) regulation, it is time for an initial assessment. The CNIL (French Data Protection Authority), which assists actors and monitors proper application of the GDPR and the French Data Protection Act, has issued its first recommendations, but also its first sanctions decisions.
What conclusions can we draw from them? What were the first sanctions pronounced? What was the justification for the nature of the sanctions and the amounts of fines determined by the supervisory authority? The Simmons&Simmons team will provide us with its insight on the first months of the GDPR’s implementation and will share with us its feedback on the best practices to adopt and the pitfalls to be avoided.
We will also examine the GDPR’s impact in the work environment, notably with respect to new recruitment techniques and the development of remote work. Lastly, there will a specific focus on the issue of data security and management and notification of security breaches.

At that time, Laurent Charvériat, General Manager of ITracing, will provide an analysis of the processes to be implemented to prevent cyberattacks and to manage the consequences of IT system failures.

L’équipe Simmons & Simmons vous apportera son éclairage sur les premiers mois de mise en application du RGPD et partagera avec vous son retour d’expérience sur les bonnes pratiques à adopter et les pièges à éviter.

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