Compliance 24

2017: the Sapin 2 law created an electric shock in France and mobilized the Compliance community. The Duty of Care law marked the convergence between compliance and the respect of human rights and… Paris won the bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics.

The relationship between those events? A French willingness – at the highest level –  to allow Compliance and ethics to prevail in our society including, in the organization of Paris 2024.

A willingness that is borne by a new era within the International Olympic Committee itself which in 2016, formalized a new policy of contractually obligating host cities and their Olympic organizations to adopt anti-corruption and human rights compliance programs. Paris will thus become the first host-city to face the new compliance obligation. France is thus poised to set the global precedent for anti-corruption and human rights compliance for future hosts of the Olympics and other mega sporting events.

This means that it is time for us to introduce Compliance 24, the initiative of Le Cercle de la Compliance which gathers the interested French stakeholders who want the Olympic Games in France to be a model of integrity capable of inspiring the next host-cities and other mega sport events.

Compliance 24’s mission is to propose a detailed framework for the components and the monitoring of the Paris 2024 Compliance program.

We are also delighted and honored to announce our partnership with Professor Andy Spalding, worldwide expert on compliance in the Olympics. In this context, we have asked Andy Spalding to create an Olympics Compliance Task Force. The Task Force will assemble international thought leaders and assist Compliance 24 to identify best practices and specific corruption and human rights risks. Cecilia Fellouse-Guenkel, secretary general of the Cercle de la Compliance will represent Compliance 24 and serve as senior advisor to the Olympics Compliance Task Force.

Interested to join the Compliance 24 initiative? Contact us.

Important: places are limited and expertise (in-house, outside counsels and in any other type of structure) in sports law and ethics, sports sponsorship and public procurement will be favored.