Smart Compliance, Just surprise us ! The trophy that rewards creativity and innovation at the service of Compliance.

With the law Sapin, the law on the duty of care and the GDPR, Compliance is invited in the company. Compliance is a full-time member of the Risk Committee, it is on the agenda of the Board of Directors and becomes an essential tool for risk and reputation management.

However, perceived as a burdensome set of obligations, prohibitions and administrative constraints, it still rebukes which can cause its implementation to be delayed.

The 2018 Smart Compliance Award was given to Accenture (Laurence Legris et Charlotte Guillorit) with an innovation that transformed its Code of Business Ethics or COBE.

From an enormous legal document, the team put in place an interactive tool that any employee can use anonymously and instantaneously to access all information and references.


When it comes to the promising innovation, Facepoint (Damien Ramirez, Jérôme Magnin et Jérôme M) stood up in 2018 with its image library of faces high risk individuals. So Facepoint has powerful facial recognition system, with this library the screen processing is more accurate and avoid massive false alarm. 

We will use three criteria for all applications:

  1. Is this really innovating or is it only a better version of an existing solution?
  2. Will it have a real impact on the company’s “compliance” issues: by its quality, its depth, its newness, its interest to the topic ?
  3. Will it provide a real effective and distinctive support to the compliance officer’s day to day job.

The challenge is therefore to transform policies, procedures and trainings that can be perceived as boring and time-consuming systems of proof management into simple, easy, and even interesting approaches.

  • Your company, your administration, your law firm, your consulting company has developed an innovative approach, technique or tools?
  • You have designed or implemented a particularly effective technology, method that can save money on bureaucracy or has a fast impact?
  • You are using artificial intelligence?
  • You have contributed to an original, innovative and dynamic image of Compliance?

 Apply to the 2019 Smart Compliance Award !

It rewards creativity in compliance and all the innovations that simplify the implementation, the appropriation, the evaluation of the Compliance on a daily basis in the company.

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You must return your application file on 15 September 2019 at the latest. It will be assessed by a jury of professionals.


IMPORTANT : We guarantee the confidentiality of the data you will be sharing in the application file. No one will have access to the file outside of the jury members. The jury members are submitted to a reinforced confidentiality obligation. The identity of the candidates will not be disclosed with the exception of the winner and the nominees.

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