Our vision of compliance

Compliance is a mindset that promotes a spirit and culture of individual and collective responsibility at a company or organization’s core. It is a guiding force behind strategic decisions and thus concerns the Board of Directors and governing bodies. As a step towards progress, it demonstrates a commitment to sustainable growth in France and worldwide.

It builds, but does not dictate, an organizational culture implemented at every level of a company or organization. But, first and foremost, it relies on an unfaltering commitment from top management to make and execute the company’s business strategy within the framework of this Compliance culture and a commitment to exemplary conduct. It then relies on middle management, who, on a daily basis, deals with all of the operations and particularly the sales and purchases, to apply the company’s rules of ethics and Compliance and ensure that they are respected. Regular steps also need to be taken to verify the pervasiveness and effectiveness of this culture.

Going beyond its legal purpose to comply with what is demanded by law, regulations, codes, directives, etc., Compliance also aims to protect companies from the disrespect of internal and external standards and values. Its goal is to circumvent any negative consequences for the company and its leaders- whether that be financial losses, civil or penal liabilities, or damage to a company’s image and reputation.