Smart Compliance, surprise us ! The award for creativity and innovation in Compliance

With the Sapin Act, the act on the duty of care and the GDPR, Compliance is now part and parcel of companies.  Included in the risk committee and part of the Board of Directors’ agenda, Compliance is incorporated into the management committee and is becoming an essential tool for risk and image management.

However, perceived as a restrictive system with obligations, prohibitions and administrative constraints, it is still a source of fear and its implementation may be delayed.

The challenge is therefore to transform policies and procedures perceived as daunting, proof management systems, which are time-consuming, and often long and sometimes boring training, into simple, easy and even interesting processes.

Terms, conditions and processing of applications

The jury analyzes applications based on three criteria:

  1. Is the innovation truly innovative or is it merely a new version of an existing solution?
  2. Will there be a true impact on the company’s level of “compliance":  in terms of quality, depth, novelty and the benefit of the contribution?
  3. Will it provide truly effective and distinctive support to the compliance officer in performing his/her duties?

Registration form for the Smart Compliance Award

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Who won the Smart Compliance Award in 2018?

The Smart Compliance Award was presented in 2018 to the Accenture team (Laurence Legris and Charlotte Guillorit) for their Chatbot COBE Code of Business Ethics.

Accenture reinvented its ethics code for the digital age, making it available to everyone, thanks to COBE.

Before implementing COBE, available to the Accenture teams was very dense but not very explicit documentation that did not always provide answers to their questions.

Now, every employee can access the software via a smartphone or the intranet, giving them instant access to a wide range of information and references.

Ethisoft, winner of the 2019 Smart Compliance Awards

At the first Le Cercle de la Compliance dinner-debate of 2020, the Ethisoft tool, which is dedicated to the management of gift and invitation programs for companies, associations and foundations, was rewarded.

Ethisoft is the result of numerous exchanges with the world of sports, which is very attentive to the impact of implementing the Sapin II Act’s obligations and is eager to respond to them in concrete terms.  Hospitality or sports events represent more than 25% of the revenue of some organizers.  We ourselves come from the sports world and we wanted to support them in this approach”, Lionel Laffitte, co-founder of Ethisport.

Ethisoft provides the end-to-end tracking of the allocation of gifts and invitations (tickets, hospital services, etc.) by the inviting person to the ultimate beneficiary.  The system supports the user pedagogically with continuous reminders of the entity’s policies.

We have received some very high-quality applications this year and are pleased to see that many players are developing creative and innovative solutions to strengthen our organizations’ ethical commitments.  We extend our warmest congratulations to all applicants, and in particular to the three finalists.  The deliberations were very lively and the final choice was a difficult one, which is rather encouraging!  In selecting Ethisoft, we wanted to reward innovation, certainly, but also to pay tribute to this strong signal from the sports industry, which is choosing self-regulation at a time when France is preparing for its Olympic Games.  This is also in line with the work of Le Cercle’s “Compliance 2024” initiative, headed by our General Secretary”, Catherine Delhaye, President of Le Cercle de la Compliance.

Compliance officers, service providers, lawyers, consultants and the 8 jury members are seasoned compliance professionals.  They are independent and work on a voluntary basis.  In 4 lively meetings, they pre-selected 5 projects among the applications received and in the end selected 3 finalists among which the choice was difficult:

  • Ethisoft, developed by Ethisport (management of gifts and invitations)
  • GEO, solution proposed by the consulting and auditing firm BM&A to provide “a factual and insightful response to regulatory and tax compliance issues.

Smart Global Privacy, management solution for data protection compliance.

The members
of the Smart Compliance Awards jury

  • Catherine Delhaye, President of Le Cercle de la
  • Julien Deschamps, Partner and Chief Operating
    Officer of Facepoint
  • Michaëlle Durand, Regional Compliance Manager at
    DB Schenker
  • Cécilia Fellouse-Guenkel, Secretary General of Le
    Cercle de la Compliance
  • Samuel Guetta, co-founder of Compliances
  • Charlotte Guillorit, Group General Counsel – Regulatory
    Compliance of Service Offers at Accenture, winner of the Smart Compliance
    Awards 2018
  • Christine Lensel-Martinat, Risk and Regulations Leader at
    Groupe Onepoint
  • Nadia Lubrano, Compliance Officer and CSR
    Head at Lagardère

Participate in the Smart Compliance Award 2020!

  • Has your company, your administration, your law firm, your consulting company or Compliance solutions services company developed an innovative procedure, technique or tools?
  • Have you developed or implemented a particularly effective technology or method that saves on bureaucracy or has a very quick impact?
  • Do you use artificial intelligence?
  • Have you contributed to giving an original, innovative and dynamic image to Compliance?


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Applications must be completed and submitted by September 30, 2020 at the latest.  After deliberations, the Smart Compliance Award 2020 will be presented to the winner at the end of October.

IMPORTANT: We guarantee the confidentiality of the data transmitted as part of the application. Apart from the members of the jury and organization committee, no one will have access to it. The members of the jury and organization committee have signed a non-disclosure agreement. With the exception of the nominated parties and winners, the names of other applicants will not be communicated.