Charter of Collaboration and Volunteer Work

Because it is a non-profit organization, Le Cercle de la Compliance occasionally uses volunteers to assist it in carrying out certain projects, including administrative, facilitation (e.g., facilitating breakfasts) and creation (e.g., help with updating the website, drafting of articles or events listings on the website, preparation of communication materials, etc.) projects (together the “Projects”).

Le Cercle also occasionally puts into place, among its members, working groups or workshops on various subjects in the field of compliance and ethics (together the “Working Groups”). The purpose of the Working Groups is for participants to exchange and share knowledge, ideas and best practices involving various compliance issues. The Working Groups’ aims are to produce practical documentation for members of Le Cercle de la Compliance and/or presentation materials for conferences.

The principles governing the contribution of volunteers and unpaid workers in the Projects and Working Groups (together the “Volunteers”) are as follows:

  1. Unrestricted and voluntary collaboration

Collaboration for the Projects or Working Groups is unrestricted and voluntary.

If a Volunteer assists Le Cercle on a Project or if he offers to lead a Working Group, this person will make his best effort to remain committed in the Project or the Working Group. If he decides to no longer participate in it, he will so inform Le Cercle with a reasonable notice period to allow Le Cercle to organize.

Le Cercle de la Compliance will coordinate the work or provide guidelines for the Working Groups and carrying out of the Projects to ensure the coherency of the work with Le Cercle’s policies and positions. This coordination role may not in any respect be construed as creating a hierarchical or subordinate relationship between the organization and the Volunteers. Each Volunteer will pay for the costs possibly incurred based on his commitment.

  1. Non-disclosure

The information obtained in carrying out the Projects (e.g., non-exhaustively, the data related to Le Cercle’s members) is confidential. The Volunteers may not disclose is outside of Le Cercle.

Discussions in the Working Groups will take place in a spirit of collaboration and goodwill that characterizes Le Cercle. Exchanges and discussions in the Working Groups are subject to the rules of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House Rule) ; This means that participants cannot disclose outside of the Working Group or relevant meeting the identity of the person who has made a comment or shared information.

Notwithstanding this rule, each participant will have the discretion to determine the relevance and appropriateness of information-sharing he wishes to carry out.

  1. Competition law rules

If members of competing companies are together in the same Working Group, participants will be expressly required to strictly refrain from exchanging any commercially sensitive information or any other actions which could violate competition law.

Participants will be responsible for complying with this fundamental principle and will refrain from any inappropriate exchange of sensitive data. Le Cercle de la Compliance declines all liability in this respect and will in no event be deemed as a platform for sharing sensitive information.

  1. Documentation resulting from the Working Groups

The ideas, conclusions or recommendations of the participants in the Working Groups will be formalized in order to be provided to Le Cercle’s members. Some of these documents may be distributed more widely at Le Cercle’s discretion. An article on the blog of Le Cercle’s website may publicize such documents. Deliverables may be gathered in one or more documents that may be provided to Le Cercle’s members or non-members for payment to Le Cercle of a flat fee.

Participants will be cited in the relevant document. They will make it known at the beginning of each workshop if they wish or do not wish to be mentioned in the document and in which format (first name, last name, position, company).

As all documents (deliverables, notes, Powerpoint materials, etc.) are collective works, created at the initiative and within the framework of Le Cercle, individual participants cannot claim any intellectual property rights.

Each member will be free to use the experience acquired in the Working Groups provided that such use takes place in accordance with the Chatham House Rule mentioned in 2 supra and respecting the other participants’ rights. In case of doubt, a member who wishes to refer to or use the experience thus acquired is invited to ask Le Cercle if he may do so.

  1. Protection of the data of participants in Working Groups

The leaders of the Working Groups may use the personal data of the participants in the Working Groups only for the purpose of organizing and conducting the Working Groups. Use of such data for any other purpose is prohibited unless the relevant participants have previously and expressly given their consent for such purpose.

Charter of Collaboration and Volunteer Work – Version 2 of May 25, 2018