Le CERCLE DE LA COMPLIANCE celebrates 10 years and presents its 2021 Compliance Strategy

Since 2011, Le Cercle de la Compliance has put the compliance topic in the French legal landscape. The multiple trainings, conferences and workshops it has organized and the best international experts who have led them (authorities, regulators, lawyers, compliance officers, PhD lecturers-researchers, etc.), have highlighted the fight against corruption, antitrust practices, economic sanctions and personal data protection.

In 2021, these topics, far from losing their importance, will be reinforced under the combined effect of the generalization of regulations and their convergence: Chinese sanctions no longer have anything to be ashamed of compared with American sanctions, the fight against corruption initially largely focused on public officials now extends to private actors; as for personal data, they must now be protected in more than 100 countries.

In addition to these traditional themes that Le Cercle, a key player in compliance in France, has chosen to maintain as part of its strategic objectives in the coming years, new regulations are now being added. Under societal pressure, voluntary approaches to sustainable development, diversity, environmental protection and human rights are now regulated and leaving the realm of soft law. Extra-financial ratings also require the
subjects to be dealt with in depth.

Taking into account and integrating human rights into the compliance field, therefore, is the second strategic objective of Le Cercle de la Compliance.

Lastly, in keeping with its conviction of compliance officers’ fundamental role in defining corporate strategy and risk management and its commitment to supporting compliance officers, Le Cercle has just defined two new strategic objectives:

– The creation of a benchmark of general and specific, legal and managerial skills for the various compliance areas. After actual mapping of needs that are at once transversal, sectorial and business line-specific, this benchmark will list all the legal technical, organizational, and managerial skills required by compliance departments to optimize their impact and to perform an ever broader mission.

–  The setting up of the Compliance House, a true benchmarking institution in this field, whose mission will be to provide compliance actors with the training and tools for acquiring these skills and to position themselves as actors for companies’ strategy. The Compliance House will consolidate this skill set and facilitate the emergence of “compliance offices” made up of compliance officers, specialists and experts in their legal fields and industries.

These major areas, therefore, will shape Le Cercle’s compliance strategy in coming years, as determined by Le Cercle’s new board of directors.

Representing all compliance actors, compliance officers, company directors, lawyers, consultants, ethics and anticorruption actors, law professors and judges, our board has been strengthened by the arrival of Christophe Roquilly, as Vice-President of Le Cercle de la Compliance. An imminent professor at the EDHEC Business School, where he is the director of the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute, he is also the Honorary Dean of the EDHEC’s faculty.

In this respect, and to build these projects devoted to the development of the skills of compliance offices and teams, Le Cercle de la Compliance has also sought the support of teachers, researchers and experts of the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute. It is also this collaboration, under the aegis of our new Vice-President, that will provide the academic rigor for our training classes and their resolutely practical aspect, the durability of our thought process and the recognition of our decisions.

Compliance is a true lever, an immense asset that companies must put at the heart of their strategy. We are here to help them do that.

Catherine Delhaye

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