Business Risk Report

I f you are among the 500,000 subscribers of The Times, there's a good chance that on Sunday you would have seen Refinitiv’s full broadsheet page advertisement and advertorial in the Business Risk special report by Raconteur published in The Sunday Times. The report is focusing on challenging and educating C-suite executives and senior GRC professionals on the ever changing risk landscape. It is available online and includes Refinitiv’s advertisement throughout the website.

The report includes our article Fighting financial crime with innovation and collaboration based on an interview with James Mirfin, Head of Digital Identity and Financial Crime at Refinitiv.  The article focuses on how the rapidly evolving regulatory environment and growing sophistication among criminals has elevated the cost of financial crime for  both industry and society at large. Tackling the issue requires more innovative approaches and technology but also greater collaboration and this is where Refinitiv is well positioned to drive the agenda. 

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Read the report to find out the latest trends in risk management and how you can manage risk in the digital age.
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